IT Health Plans

Many IT HEALTH PLANS include unlimited support via phone during normal business hours as well as discounted hourly rates for projects beyond the monthly budgeted time. Critical priorities are always billed separately and are not included in plans. Services are limited to PA, DE, DC, MD, VA, and NJ.
Non-Plan Time & Materials Rates, without discounts. These rates do not include unlimited support, do not include monitoring, and do not include data back-up management. Clients are urged to compare savings with an IT Health Care Plan, instead. Many of our per-month options listed in the left column are available only with an active IT Healthcare Plan.

The reason we label our monthly maintenance plans as IT HEALTH PLANS is because computer systems that run our business are just as important as fitness to our bodies and minds. Each of us has a different starting point for health, which is factored by genetics / age / exposure; however, the way we practice our bodily care routines (such as exercise and diet) ultimately determine our level of healthiness. There are many risks that we face each day to our body’s health similar to the way your business systems face threats and infection from daily connectivity to the Internet.

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How To Pay

For new customers, we may require a retainer amount (deposit) in order to begin your project. You may still pay all invoices due by check or money order. Equipment purchases over $500 require payment upon order. Services are due immediately upon completion for new accounts < 30 days. Please call us at 410-272-3366 for options and instructions for payment methods available.

Terms of Service
IT Health Plans

Health Plans are billed on or around the first of each month and are payable according to the terms established with your Plan. Prepaid retainers may provide more flexible terms and greater discounts, as applicable.

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Time & Materials Only

Clients without an active IT Health Plan may opt to pay for hours and materials as used. Additional discounts and flexible terms apply to customers with an active IT Health Plan. Payment is due upon completion of service.

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