Windows Support

Microsoft Windows is the platform of choice for American enterprise. Whether you use Microsoft Office or OpenOffice, Microsoft Windows provides one of the most prevalent desktop environments to millions of business users worldwide. Now that Windows 8.1 has more users than Windows XP, Microsoft is moving on to Windows10.  Windows10 will come some of the much-anticipated improvements over the Windows 8.x movement and even more integration into the “traveling desktop” which follows the users Microsoft account with applications and data.

Windows Apps are more integrated into the desktop experience. What was once a web-site or web-application may be more suitable to utilize within a Windows Application. The speed, flexibility, and presentation of options can be much more tightly integrated with the “Window” experience, and customized corporate branding and “look-and-feel” offer even more opportunities within an app.

Learn how the new Microsoft Windows can help your organization make the most of the desktop – including:

  • Desktop synchronization across multiple machines
  • Files and Apps on the office PC or on your home PC
  • Data synchronization and secured sharing

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