Same Technicians Assigned

Have you ever been frustrated by an IT vendor that keeps sending technicians whom you’ve never met and/or who know little or nothing about your IT environment? At MedicTek, we feel it’s important for our technicians to build a history with you so that ongoing support is more efficient and faster. We assign a primary and secondary technician to your account – and usually, these two technicians are the only ones you will deal with on a day-to-day basis. That means, the technicians are familiar with the issues you’ve had in the past so that current issues are more easily recognized and resolved.

Every month and year that passes by, more and more information is gleaned from experience, problems, and changes to the technology infrastructure as your businesses grows and adapts. It’s important that your assigned technician is familiar with both long-term and recent changes made to an infrastructure because it aids in troubleshooting. Assigning the same technician to your account helps us make better decisions during support tasks and it also helps you when considering new changes or future technology so important elements are considered and not overlooked.

Give us a call today to learn how same-technician assignments can help bolster your IT-business relationship.

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