Business Phone Systems

MedicTek’s HD voice platform offers ALL of the latest features for business phone systems. We even provide convenient equipment leasing with terms of 12/24/36/48 months which allow you to get NEW PHONES, KEEP YOUR PHONE NUMBERS, and enjoy HIGH-DEFINITION, flexible voice calling from virtually anywhere!

  • Monthly cost includes brand new phones* combined with high-definition voice (*optional)
  • Unlimited local and state-to-state calling (48 continental states)
  • Keep your phone numbers! (we handle porting the numbers to your new phones)
  • Voicemail audio messages are sent directly to your e-mail inbox upon receipt
  • Detailed Call logs / call history per extension, per location
  • Call forwarding features from extensions to cell phones or external numbers
  • Three year extended warranty on all installed hardware*
  • No additional maintenance plans required! Pay-as-you go for adds/moves/changes
  • Flexible Caller ID / per extension / per location
  • Move a phone to any qualified Internet connection (like home office, branch office, or virtually any location and make/receive calls just like you’re in the office!)
  • Optional Smart-phone App enables making/receiving calls as if you’re in the office! Recipients will see the CALLER-ID of your office instead of your cell phone!

Most office desktops still have the “trusty handset phone” available to make or take calls. Hospitals and Fortune 500 businesses rely on secure HD-Voice reliability and quality and we have taken major steps to ensure the price that you pay is the best value for the best product… High Definition phone systems from MedicTek cost much less to install and maintain than you might think!

In fact, you can even get FREE phones and installation with a three or five year contract which amortizes the cost of your equipment into the low-monthly cost of our hosted High-Definition phone service. Call us today to see how a new High-Definition Phone System could benefit your organization and pay for itself in less than a year (in most cases).

*Hardware must be purchased from MedicTek and description/price must include 3 year extended warranty (1 year factory, 2 years MedicTek).

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