On-Site Support

Our IT Professionals look forward to showing our clients the latest and greatest technology.  In fact, many advanced features and “gee-whiz” ideas are revealed or discovered via face-to-face interaction!  Of course, we also do more than 75% of our IT tasks remotely, but when it comes to demos, installations, and person-to-person interactions, we value the relationships that our technicians build.

You’ll see a familiar face when your assigned technician arrives.  We’ve listened to our clients, and one of the main reasons clients switch IT companies is due to a poor relationship between the client and the IT provider.  We assign the same technician to work with you so that each time a technician arrives, he/she isn’t spending time “learning your environment.”

Many of our clients have been with us for more than eight years.  Our technicians know our clients and employees on a first-name basis, and we feel it’s important to be able to ask questions and not worry about “being on the clock.”  That’s a what a good business relationship is about.

We also use methods to ensure that our time spent getting to your site and details while on-site, are accurately tracked:

  • GPS-enabled Corporate Fleet 
  • Mobile time-stamp billing from arrival to departure
  • Hourly task details passed through to billing automatically
  • In-stock supplies available for common items with easy billing

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