On-Line Support & Tickets

MedicTek has an advanced ticket tracking system whereby e-mails sent for support can automatically be logged and assigned ticket tracking numbers by matching the e-mail domain back to your client record. You receive a ticket number and receive updates throughout the process until your issue is resolved.

Our support tickets are directly linked into our billing system so that invoices effectively articulate what was done, by whom, and with all of the details included so you’re not left wondering what you paid for.

Our contract structure allows for Service-Level-Agreement based service that guarantees we will respond to critical issues within 15 minutes and provide site assistance within 15 minutes to 4 hours, the same day. Some reasonable restrictions apply, but we built our service standards around supporting IT environments in all types of situations.

Low-Priority Tickets: 2-14 days, or as scheduled by client

Medium-Normal Priority Tickets: 4 hours – 48 hours

High-Critical Priority Tickets: 0-4 hours

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