Local Data Center

MedicTek offers a local, accessible data center which is managed by local resources and secured with physical, logistical, and cyber security.  By hosting your data/servers with MedicTek, you can rest assured that you know where your physical servers are housed and the ability to inspect and manage any aspect of access.

Our data center is centrally located just north of the Mason-Dixon line in corporation-friendly Delaware. The center has redundant fiber network connectivity combined with automated DC/generator emergency power and diesel fuel delivery to ensure the data center remains on-line, even during the most severe weather or unnatural events.

Consider the safety and security of your equipment and data by placing your business assets where you can know where it is managed.  Using far-away or even international hosting services may save a few bucks per month, but not knowing where your hardware or data is located if someone switches off the lights (or goes out of business) could be catastrophic for your organization. Don’t even think that you’re protected by an electronic agreement from a company you have never heard of. Even the big hosting companies have multiple layers of protection should they breach their service level commitments.

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