Linux Desktop Support

Linux is a powerful operating system – especially for business users who haven’t used Linux before.  Linux is fast, secure, and has fewer risks of constant use compared to Windows.  Oh, and before we forget, it’s also “open-source” which translates to FREE.  This can save businesses thousands in software licensing and hardware costs. We support the following types of Linux:

  • Ubuntu (for business users)
  • Xtra-PC (for users redeploying old hardware – like for kids under 17)

How many times have you heard that a Windows computer “isn’t as fast as it used to be when it was new?”  This is often because Windows picks-up many flaws after constant use from small hidden apps that attach themselves to Windows components and either attempt to track users or make the PC do things in the background that the user isn’t aware of. Over time, these apps burden the computer’s processor and memory, leaving fewer resources available for the Windows applications actually being used by the owner.

MedicTek recommends several scenarios for adopting Linux, even if your business still relies on a Windows platform for applications.  For example, Linux can be used to redeploy old Windows hardware instead of upgrading:

  • Redeploy PC’s that previously ran Windows XP / Windows7
  • Create a corporate desktop on Ubuntu that allows users to connect to a Microsoft Terminal Server (where the desktop and applications are securely presented from the server – making the PC just a “display tool.”)
  • Allow desktop applications such as to give users access to edit/create files compatible with other popular, licensed versions such as Microsoft Office.


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