IT Project Management

Project Management is often assumed from all IT vendors; however, many clients realize that their mission-critical project was not properly planned by their IT vendor during deployment. Obviously, this is an embarrassment that all involved parties would rather avoid.

Project management doesn’t have to blow your IT budget out of proportion. There should be an adequate amount of pre-project planning, project checkpoints, and back-up plans if something should “not go as planned.” The amount of time to recover from a problem depends on if any particular “point-of-no-return” was reached without being properly recognized. Data loss or unexpected downtime should never be a part of your IT project. It’s simply unacceptable.

MedicTek staff understand that caring for your IT infrastructure is just as important as taking care of a patient seeking healthcare. While everything may not go exactly as planned during any procedure, simply having the right amount of contingency and recovery methods on stand-by can prevent a crippling outage or loss of data.

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