IT Budgeting & Forecasting

Many clients may not view IT Budgeting as something an IT vendor should participate in; however, it is important that all aspects of IT infrastructure are properly inventoried and replaced on an industry-standard lifecycle – just like keeping track of mileage on a vehicle for maintenance and eventual replacement. The safety and reliability of any IT device degrades over its lifespan. Some devices last longer than others – but many have a somewhat predictable lifespan, and those statistics are readily available to assist in the planning process.

We proactively schedule IT Planning and provide accurate forecasting data for equipment and project resources to maintain and replace equipment according to short-term and long-term schedules. Many clients have budgeting constraints or may not be able to strictly adhere to what is recommended; however, the framework for planning should still be taken seriously to help prevent any unnecessary downtime or unexpected recovery expenses.

Many times, our initial IT Budget and Forecasting meetings are free-of-charge during an IT assessment and IT Health Plan proposal stage. Found out more by contacting us today.

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