IT Auditing Services

There’s only one way to verify that your systems and network are secured properly – a rigorous audit procedure should be performed by a third-party to ensure unbiased results and to eliminate the potential for a conflict of interest. You don’t allow your accounting firm to audit themselves, in the same token, your IT firm should also have a external third-party review (without the guise of trying to win your IT business by simply pointing out what’s wrong and offering to fix it!).

MedicTek offers comprehensive audit/compliance reviews of your IT environment even when we aren’t your IT provider. In fact, this is the preferred method. While we offer guaranteed compliance in several categories when you’re a MedicTek IT client, our process to help ensure your organization meets the regulatory standards includes self-audits and routine checks that glean input from all responsible parties.

Contact us for an overview of IT Auditing services and learn how we can help you become compliant with the standards your organization needs to meet.

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