GPS Fleet Tracking

At MedicTek, we provide tools to help keep your fleet safe and on-time with real-time GPS location and many other features which help improve the safety of your operators:

More Efficient Dispatch
With real-time GPS tracking, You can do the following at a PC or on a Smartphone:
– See all of your service vehicles on a map with unique labels.
– Locate the closest vehicle to any service call and reduce response times.
– Dispatch the most convenient vehicle by reviewing real-time traffic updates.
– Monitor how long your workers are spending at customer locations.
– Review route history on-line

Track Vehicle Service/Maintenance
– Get notifications when oil changes are due
– Notifications of low battery
– Add custom maintenance events based on mileage or hours in service
– Track ALL of your vehicle maintenance history, costs, and dates
– Optional fuel tax tracking

Receive instant alerts for:
– Speeding
– Harsh braking
– Rapid acceleration
– Unauthorized hour usage
– First ignition of the day
– Device tampering and no GPS signal
– Excessive idling

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