Firewall Management

While firewalls are no longer the only protection for your organization, they do remain an integral part of protecting the flow of authorized traffic and information into and out of your business network.  In most cases, a “simple” firewall is no longer sufficient and should be accompanied by a Unified Threat Management (UTM) option which is automatically updated and maintained via a software subscription.

MedicTek offers expertise for several types of firewalls and routers that help to protect against unauthorized access and will help identify unusual activity, such as data loss or data theft in addition to protection against viruses and malware.

We use commercial-grade firewalls with  with gigabit throughput to ensure your organization is protected while also supporting the fastest throughput available for firewalls available on the market.

Web Protection Agents installed on all PC’s.  This service allows us to customize categorical web-protection by categories (including blocking social media, common forms of inappropriate media, and even blocking access to person e-mail and/or chat sessions). It goes far beyond simple DNS whitelist/blacklist, it helps prevent many of the latest malware threats on the Internet today.

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