Discreet Employee Monitoring

Your organization’s data needs to be more secure than ever. Whether you are required to comply with HIPAA regulations, Sarbanes-Oxley, or similar types of auditing, MedicTek can help your organization provide “anytime, anywhere” access while helping to protect your exposure.

We offer discreet monitoring which will help enforce data management policies, improve productivity, and allow you to see EVERYTHING that happens on the screen of an employer-owned device. Our all-inclusive Employee Monitoring agents are completely OPTIONAL.

  • Monitor corporate e-mail communications
  • Monitor access to personal e-mail (including web mail)
  • Monitor access to all social media
  • Monitor instant messaging and chats
  • Detailed print tracking of all documents
  • Detailed file tracking, including file copying
  • Automatic logs for all search engine requests
  • Set-up automatic alerts for certain key phrases or terms
  • Continuous screenshots of all user activities, like a video recording

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