Building Wiring & Wireless

CAT5 / CAT6 Cabling

We install certified Category 5 and Category 6 wiring for data and voice equipment.

We install UL Listed plenum cabling which is the only type that meets most building code requirements. Don’t risk your installation with a “discount cabling firm” which uses low-cost materials that may be hazardous or non-compliant – or even put insurance claims at risk!

We meticulously label the outlets to match the cabling patch panels so devices can be easily connected, managed, and  organized.

Fiber Cabling

Need to connect your network at a distance more than 328 feet?  It’s time to consider fiber!

MedicTek installs multi-mode, single-mode, infrastructure cabling, and subterranean fiber.

We also include 100Mbps or 10000Mbps transceiver certification ensure your fast fiber connection can work up to 1 mile at 1Gb speeds or at 100Mbps for longer distances. ExecuTek even offers licensed subterranean fiber and cable feeds for underground cabling.

Coaxial Cable / CCTV

Coaxial cable is still used for high-quality, low cost Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) and for some delivery of Internet data over cable (DOCSIS – Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification)

We use high-grade RG6 cabling and premium connectors to minimize signal leak and cable degradation. Cheaper cabling materials will rapidly become less effective over time as the wire shielding and connectors age, they develop patina and corrosion. Moisture is the enemy!

Wireless & Bridges

Often, line-of-sight connections between buildings can be easily connected with up to 300Mbps throughput using 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless bridges.  Commercial wireless connections can go as far as 1-5 miles!

Whatever your wireless needs, MedicTek can help keep your campus connected with central, cloud-based wireless access points that allow you to authenticate ONCE, and continue connections throughout the managed areas, via multiple access points, with a single authentication.

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