Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery used to be an expensive, cumbersome process for American enterprises everywhere; however, more recently, technology has been more and more supportive of automatic data back-ups, compression, and recovery that allows restoration of data or server applications to “non-similar” hardware (including the cloud).

In layman’s terms, the processes to ensure your data is safe and backed-up are much more accessible and affordable.  Recovery times have gone from hours and days to minutes, with the capability to redeploy your critical infrastructure to a hosted environment quickly (in the event of a natural disaster or accessibility issue to business property).

Each organization should have a pre-planned RECOVERY TIME OBJECTIVE (RTO).  This means that the basic planning for disaster recovery has already been assessed and the process and means to recover are documented and are regularly tested.

MedicTek has the experience and process management to ensure your disaster recovery operations are ready, should you ever need to deploy them.  Contact us today to plan for your RTO.

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