Automated Updates

Automated Updates are more than just a “set-it-and-forget-it” routine . Although your Windows or Apple device might automatically be able to process updates on its own, it’s important to remember that some patches can actually disable or break business software that was running well prior to the update. If an update is processed that causes other malfunctions, the time and effort to return the device to its prior state may be costly. Therefore, we recommend a managed services approach to applying updates.




We cross-reference and review most updates prior to releasing them to your entire network. This includes applying patches to a “test” unit or “control” unit that can be swapped-out, if needed. In many cases, updates can be applied within 1-2 weeks of when they are released from the software publisher; however, are you aware of the different types of updates that should be reviewed and applied? Here are a few examples:

  • Hardware Firmware
  • Server Operating Systems
  • Desktop Operating Systems
  • Financial Software Updates
  • Non-OS Internet Browser Updates

Our IT Health Plans are designed to keep your devices updated so you can avoid costly downtime due to a problem experienced by a known-bug that has since been fixed by the manufacturer or publisher.  These days, many problems may be patched or repaired that contain serious flaws that can allow unauthorized access to your organization’s data or finances.  IT Health Plans are designed with similar goals of a human exercise and diet regiment – preventative maintenance and proactive care can help avoid illness and/or injury.


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