Data Recovery Services & Disaster Recovery

In addition to prevantative care with our IT Health Plans, we also offer emergency recovery services for various forms of data storage – hard-drives, usb drives, and other magnetic media can usually be recovered if reviewed and handled by qualified technicians. The more you “edit” and “modify” the data, the more difficult it may become to recover, so contact the professionals right away.

Damaged hard Drive? STOP! Don’t make it worse!Trust your hard drive to Data Recovery professionals!

MedicTek, Inc. is partnered with the leading labs in the country to provide “clean-room” facilities to dissemble your physical hard-drive(s) so that the data can be methodically and carefully transferred to new media where it can be returned to you.

While it is more cost-effective to backup and protect data against damage or loss, we understand that sometimes data isn’t accessible and must be recovered manually. Don’t try to use “free” utilities or other low-cost methods if your data is truly valuable. The less the data changes after it is in a compromised state, the less expensive recovery may actually be.

Data Recovery takes longer than you might expect when the hardware must be handled in a lab facility. Please plan for at least 2-3 days for basic recovery methods. An estimate will be provided once your hardware is initially reviewed.
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Data Recovery Service

Your business data is equally as important as your business income.

Your business data is crucial to survival. Too many small businesses are unprotected and learn about data recovery all too late. Allow us to help your business recover before the problem becomes even bigger.