It's Healthcare

for Information Technology.

We provide certified IT services to all industries, sectors, and organizations - private, public, and non-profit, including healthcare.

Your data needs to be more secure than ever. Whether you are required to comply with HIPAA regulations or retention data under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, MedicTek can help your organization provide "anytime, anywhere" access securely and consistently with our Compliance Guaranteed Maintenance Program.

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Secure Computing

and compliance assurance.

If your current IT provider doesn't offer secure computing and compliance support, maybe it's time to hire an IT firm that does.

Our mantra has always been to be in sync with our clients' needs and requirements. Offering compliance guidelines and expert auditing is how we differentiate ourselves within our realm of expertise.

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Apps and Data

Anytime, anywhere access

Accessing your data in the office or while working remotely shouldn't risk your security and stability. Let us secure your remote access.

Our applications provide automated encryption and security protection so that you can rest assured access from outside of the office is as secure and reliable as access from within the office.

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Local IT Services

No matter what industry your organization services, make sure IT aspects are secure.

Phone Systems

Audio and Video
Organizations need a solid platform for data, voice, and video communications.

IT Applications

App Support
It's more than just an "App," it's the tool used to connect the organization to the data.

IT Compliance

Audit Assurance
We are experts at providing secure, compliant IT environments with auditing.